Jones & Son's Landscaping


​Property Maintenance
What We Do
  1. Sod Installation
    Sod Installation
    Does your lawn need a fresh start? Let us give it Sod!!!
  2. Mulch
    Need mulch? Rubber or Wood We have that too! Mulch for gardens, trees and shrub
  3. Tree & Shrub Install
    Tree & Shrub Install
    Beauty of greenery Small to Tall, we plant them all!!!
  4. Mow & Trim
    Mow & Trim
    We provide mowing , trimming and edging services
  5. Choices
    Choices, choice so many choices!!! Do you need interior or exterior maintenance, painting, move in/out cleanings (including appliances), blight clean up, carpet i vacant property clean out and more.
  6. Free Estimates
    Free Estimates
    Unsure... we will come to you

                      About Us

Our contractors collectively have over 20 years experienced in as certified Agriculture & Economic Specialist. Farmed locally in Illinois and Michigan.  Understanding horticulture is a necessity to how we do what we do.

We work closely with investors, property managers, home owners and renters.

Jones and Son’s also support and participates with local programs to assist adults with literacy opportunities.

Our office manager, a prior office manager of a medical center working for children and adults of the geriatric community with a desire to promote natural health options, as well as a preschool social worker she began to understand how plants and the trees give oxygen to properly breathe as well as life to the spirit. 

As a family floral business, we learned design techniques, b2b aspects and programs to help organize the landscaping structures.

Latest Projects
  1. Shrub & Mulch Install
    Shrub Install with mulch install
    Shrub & Mulch Install
  2. Sod Install
    Sod Installation
    Sod Install
  3. Tree Install
    Tree Installation
    Tree Install
  4. Mow and Trim with fertilizer application
    Mow and Trim with fertilizer application
    Mow and Trim with fertilizer application
  5. Shrub Install
    Shrub Install
    Shrub Install